Tavis Smiley, PBS

“Nnenna Freelon can really do it all...is showcasing the whole spectrum of her talents in her latest project as the writer, composer and producer of the original theatrical presentation of 'The Clothesline Muse,' a work of dance, music, spoken word and vibrant art.”

– Tavis Smiley, PBS

Steve Jones, USA Today

“Freelon makes each song such a personal statement that they all seem fresh and new...”

– Steve Jones, USA Today

Aretha Franklin

“Be sure to check out Nnenna Freelon... very hip music”

– Aretha Franklin

Don Heckman, Los Angeles Times

“...there is no doubt that Freelon has now positioned herself in the very top echelon...”

– Don Heckman, Los Angeles Times

Robert L. Daniels, Variety

“Nnenna Freelon possesses that rarest of qualities... she makes (standards) sound freshly minted, refreshingly new... her phrasing is original, surprising... she mines the (melodies) for new and hidden meaning... and imaginative spirit that reaches out and bubbles over...”

– Robert L. Daniels, Variety

Mike Joyce, The Washington Post

“Freelon had no problem charming the audience with a bright, rhythmically infectious performance.”

– Mike Joyce, The Washington Post

Ken Micaellef, Amazon.com

“Freelon's voice is sumptuous as sculpted honey.... from a woman who fills every second with grace.”

– Ken Micaellef, Amazon.com

My Carolina Today

“"She is a busy woman. In addition to her Christmas show Nnenna is working on a theater project called The Clothesline Muse..."”

– My Carolina Today

The Lowdown

“Nnenna Freelon found success right here in Durham, NC!”

– The Lowdown

The Clothesline Muse